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Parents & Guardians

Student Absences:
If your students is going to be absent please call the school office to inform us by 8:45 a.m.  If the school does not receive a call about the absence an automated call will go out at 10:30 a.m. alerting you of your student's absence.  Students will be allowed to make up missing work from their absence.  Students will have two days for each day missed to complete the work.
Homework Requests:
If a student is absent for more than two consecutive days, parents may request homework by calling the office before 8:45 a.m. on the morning of the third day of absence.  Homework will be available to be picked up that afternoon between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. in the office.
Late Arrival:
If your student arrives late to school they must check in at the attendance window.  A written note or call from the parent is required for an excused late arrival.  Students will be given  an admittance slip that they will present to their teacher when they enter class.  If a student arrives late in class without an admittance slip, their teacher will refer them back to the attendance window.  Please note that excessive late arrivals, whether or not they are excused may result in disciplinary consequences.
Leaving School Early:
Please do do your best to make appointments outside of school hours.  To help with planning you can access the school calendar on our website.  If your student must leave school early please provide a note, dated and signed, to be taken to the attendance window before school begins.  The note should include the reason for leaving and the time you will be picking up.  If you cannot send a note, we ask that you call the office as early as possible, preferable before the start of school.  Parents will need to come into the office to sign out their student on the pink clipboard before they can leave school.  If your student is planning on returning to school after the appointment, parents will not need to come back into the school.  However, students are expected to stop at the attendance window to check in before returning to class with an excused admittance slip.
Pre-Excused Absences:
If you know that your student will be absent for 3 or more consecutive school days you may pre-excuse the absence.  Pre-excused forms are available in the main office.  This form will first need to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, then presented to each of your student's teachers to note assignments, etc.  Finally, return the form to the attendance secretary BEFORE the student leaves on the absence. 

 *Please take advantage of the pre-printed notes we have provided below for when your student will be leaving early or out of school.
Note to the Office (PDF)

Volunteer opportunities:

Once your kids go to middle school many parents are not sure how they can continue volunteering and helping at school. Our PTSO has some special events that you can help with. We use sign up genius to coordinate those volunteers. These events are advertised as they come up. To get involved please contact

Jennifer Newgard - President
Kelly Primasing - Vice President & Treasurer
ebecca Thomas - Secretary

Fall Fundraiser Distribution - 10/30/19
Fall Dance - 11/1/19
Winter Dance - 2/6/20
Spring Dance - 4/24/20
Fun Run - 5/22/20
8th Grade Promotion - 6/9/20

We are also in need of a few people to help on a regular basis with the following:

Make popcorn. This could be done any day of the week, any time before 11:30. Kids can earn popcorn with their Gotchas we use for our PBIS program. If interested contact Irene in the office.
Help in the library at lunch time. Most days between 11:40-12:45.  This could be just hanging out and supervising students, playing games with students or sharing a special skill or craft. If you’re interested please contact Lori Fransen in the library.