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Announcements for June 14, 2018

Good Morning Gardiner!  ­
Today is Thursday, June 14th 
6th graders: Today is an A day.
These are your morning announcements:
If you won a prize at yesterday’s talent show and haven’t picked it up yet, please come to the office this morning to get it.
Also, the winners of the slurpee prize can pick up your slurpee in the office at 11:00.
Next year’s web leaders; please turn in your paperwork to Micki in the counseling office as soon as possible.
Students for you to be eligible to participate in the end of the year activities, all of your library books and textbooks must be returned or the replacement cost paid immediately.

We want all students to have an enjoyable last day of yearbook signing and field day - Please be aware that all school rules apply today as they do normally. 

Christian and Sara – introduce next year’s announcers…
From the cafeteria for lunch, the main event is: BBQ  Baked Chicken w/cheesy mashed Potatoes with whole wheat roll
Have a great last day of school and enjoy your summer break!