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About School Counseling

School Counselors provide opportunities for skill development for students through:

Guidance Curriculum
The guidance curriculum consists of a pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade instructional program that is developmental in design, preventative, and proactive.  The curriculum is comprehensive in content, scope, and sequence; it focuses on student development in the four program domains: academic, career, personal/social, and community involvement.  The development of skills and knowledge in these four areas contributes to each student’s success in meeting Oregon and school district performance standards and in his or her next steps.

Individual Planning
Individual planning activities assist each student in setting and achieving academic, career, and personal/social goals and in pursuing community involvement and post high school interests and plans.  These activities support the development of the education plan that personalizes each student’s learning and the documentation of progress and achievement in the education profile.

Responsive Services
The purpose of responsive services are to collaborate with and intervene on behalf of each student whose immediate needs, concerns, or problems are distracting or impeding his or her academic career, or personal/social development or community involvement.

Student Advocacy
Student advocacy ensures that each and every student receives equitable access and opportunities through accommodations, modifications, special assistance, or any other support services required for him or her to participate and succeed in school programs and successfully transition from school to adult life.

System Support
System support and integration activities require the guidance and counseling program staff members to contribute their knowledge and skills in promoting the infusion of the program throughout the school and overseeing program content.  Activities include delivering professional development, providing consultation and collaboration, and coordinating program delivery.

DEVELOPMENTAL DOMAINS (taken directly from the National Standards of School Counseling
Academic Development (Learning to Learn) provides skills to:

  •   Create self-directed learning, thinking and communicating
  •   Participate fully in the school curriculum
  •   Achieve high academic standards
  •   Be life-long learners

Personal/Social Development (Learning to Live) provides skills to:

  •    Develop an understanding of positive health habits, diversity, and collaboration and communication with self and others.
  •    Build, maintain, and nurture relationships.

Career Development/Life Planning (Learning to Work) provides skills to:

  •   Develop an understanding between personal qualities, education, training and the world of work
  •   To plan education and career paths
  •   Manage careers and work life
  •   Personal and economic change

Community Involvement (Learning to Contribute) provides skills to:

  •   Develop skills to understand the importance of community involvement
  •   To be involved community members and citizens of society